So, you’ve bought all your hand sanitiser and the dispensers to go along with it, and wondering well, where do I put them in my office?

And location is key when it comes to getting people to regularly use sanitiser in the office. There’s no point having hand sanitiser available if people aren’t aware or it’s not in an easy and accessible location. 

Hand sanitiser needs to be placed in locations that are always within sight and recognisable. These locations are usually in high traffic areas of the office, and include the following:

Meeting or conference rooms

These rooms are usually regularly used by a range of people – from employees to outside visitors such as clients or contractors – so germs can be easily transferred in this high traffic space. Having hand sanitiser available in this location will reduce this risk of germs being transferred, both in the meeting room and also prevents germs being taken out into other areas in the office.

Break rooms/Cafeteria

Another high traffic area is where people take their breaks and eat their lunch. It’s probably the most germ-ridden area of the office, due to the number of people, the preparation of food, and additional waste. So, it’s a good idea to have hand sanitiser here too, to ensure that people sanitise before and after eating. This will help to prevent any harmful germs being consumed by people, and them subsequently getting ill.

Employee desks

There are so many touch points on a worker’s desk – phones, keyboards, laptops, etc. – and people spend the vast majority of their working day at their desk. They also eat, drink, sneeze, and cough at their desk, so these areas become germ-ridden spaces. And that’s not even taking into account hot-desking! Placing hand sanitiser on each desk or within reach of a cluster of desks will remind people to use it, and prevent germs being transferred around the office and onto people.


This may sound like a pretty pointless location to have hand sanitiser in, as people have access to soap and water and that’s the best option for hygiene. However, having hand sanitiser at entry and exit points of the washroom will be useful for people. It allows them to use sanitiser before and after using the washroom, especially after when you’ve come into contact with high touch points such as taps and doors.

Entry and exit points

It’s also a really good idea to have hand sanitiser placed around the entry and exit points in the overall office, especially where people enter and leave the building. It limits the spread of germs and infection, in and out of the office.