The second in our series of the best sanitiser locations dependent on your business/space is looking at restaurants. Again, hand sanitiser needs to be placed in locations that are always within sight and recognisable. And this is especially the case in spaces like restaurants where people won't be familiar with where things are, compared to say an office where workers have some familiarity with how things work.

For restaurants, the best spots for sanitiser are high traffic and contact areas, and these include the following:

Till counters

This is another key area in restaurants to place hand sanitiser, in particular places that require customers to pay at the till. The exchange of money, especially cash, is a germ ridden transaction. Of course, many places now discourage the use of cash. However, even customers using card payments can transfer germs, so having hand sanitiser at the till will both remind them and limit the spread of germs in the restaurant.


Even though people have access to soap and water in washrooms, it’s important to also provide hand sanitiser. This is because people may not always wash their hands properly, so the additional use of sanitiser will give people that extra bit of hygienic protection.

But, also having hand sanitiser at entry and exit points of the washroom allows them to use sanitiser before and after using the loo, especially after coming into contact with so many high touch points, such as taps and doors.

Entry and exit points

It’s pretty vital for a restaurant to have hand sanitiser placed at the entry and exit points, and especially where people enter and leave the establishment.  Especially, when considering the influx of different people coming in and out throughout the day. Allowing people to sanitise upon entry and when leaving will help limit the spread of germs and infection, in and out of the restaurant.